Digging dam for the ducks .

Our property has one little dam on it Which sits at the very end of our property. I once held hope that i could walk the ducks there in morning and then walk them back at night. I can hear you all thinking is she mad walk ducks .

My ducks started life in the house with us till they were old enough to go out into there pen. So they are very use to our family . They love to follow us around while we are out doing things in the paddock.

The floor in my plan was not that the ducks wouldn't follow me but that i was unaware that there was danger so close to home in day time hours.

In Fact it was our beautiful blue heeler cattle dog pepper who found the sneaky intruder.

I heard pepper racing off with a very protective bark and thought oh look she is chasing someones dog then i thought what dog is red . It was then i realized that the dog she was chasing was in fact a fox.

The drought has been hard on all animals and the fox was out in day and looking for food and was so hungry it was willing to come close to the house.

I decided then and there not to walk ducks to the bottom paddock dam especially as i cant see that dam from house and neither can pepper.

I decided that i would just make them a pond from the kids old plastic sand shell and i had repurposed a plastic that would have been throw in landfill.

Sadly the ducks although they enjoyed it far preferred old Rose our rescue racehorse bathtub of water. Much to Roses disgust and the ducks joy.

How ever luck was shinning on us and a ma with a great big digger had been doing a job up the road and just asked if we wanted ur dam cleaned. i was over joyed.

As our country gets dryer i fear we may have to buy our water from town which is expensive. I want to drought proof our little farm as much as possible.

So we dug out our existing dam to twice its size and then decided to dig a duck dam in our top paddock where i can see the ducks from the studio while i work.

The hardest thing is waiting for rain to fill the new duck dam and the old larger dam.

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