Fires , Flood and now Virus.

To be honest life has really gone crazy for us as I am sure it has for many people.

Business has been hard as I make my Income from mainly market stalls. I really have not been adding much to the family income. we are lucky after I got sick with an auto

immune disease. we uncomplicated our lives as much as we could. So if I was having a flare we would be ok. Turned out to be a good thing.

Another lucky event happened before the virus was that we actually got rain.

i had been writing a blog about how depressed I was feeling and didn’t realize it looking at all the brown and dead grass. we were on our last drops of water in our tank our dams and creek were dry. The gardens were dead it . Then the heavens opened and we had so much rain in one go that we actually had a flood . Which knocked our retaining wall down and half the driveway needed up in the pool. As soon as we had full tanks and dams I was back getting the garden back in shape. I had enough to time to squeeze some summer veg . I usually grow lots tomatoes for pasta sauce I will not get my pantry stocked for winter but I will have enough to get a few saved.

Turns out the virus has come and we have been being as self sufficient as we can be to save going into town much as mum and I are I the list of people who should stay locked up. Although being stuck on the farm is not at all hard.

So now I am trying to get some of my creations online because I miss seeing people enjoy my work. i have to wrap this up so please keep safe and look after yourselves keep an eye out for my online shop. Take care all .

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