Plastic Free July

I have been so excited about Plastic free July. I really wanted to add a little bit of what I believe and try and do at home into this blog.

We are a normal family and there are 7 of us My husband our 4 kids and me plus My mum lives in a house next door to ours so I include her in the family count.

When we purchase Little Farm the land had not really been looked after . We have been working on our plans to refresh the existing paddocks for our rescue horse Rose.

We also have a lovely stretch of bush which we are keeping for native animals .

The kids and I went exploring and found PLASTIC it made me really stop and think. Out on our lovely little property in the middle of beautiful peaceful bush was a man made product . It wasn't a small amount there were bags bottles and old plastic buckets and many other small house hold items.

Worst of all was our bow bird nest that was full of Blue rings from milk bottles. So dangerous they slip the rings over there necks when carrying them and then the ring strangles the bird. So please cut the ring before putting it in your bin.

Plastic that had once been a useful item now broken and brittle from the sun. Now useless and never leaving this planet.

Did I want to continue doing this to our planet the place I love so much and take so much of my artistic inspiration from.

The answer was a loud no in my head.

We sat down as a family and had a chat about it . We all agreed some not as happy as other over few things .

It has been really hard and we have not done things all at once. As my favourite person

Costa once said. Just do one small thing and then once you are use to that do another.

Our first was to when they needed replaceing was to replace our plastic toothbrushs with bamboo.

These have been great . I do have to write names on them. So we all don't get confused (mistake number 1 ) . After the bristles are dead in I use them in garden as names of what I have planted. wondering if I should use them in orchard as well. Or just chuck them in compost bin.

Anyway hope this tip helps I will post some more of what and how our great big family on Little farm studio has done to stop as much of our plastic usage as possible.

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