We have alpacas

Time seems to go by so fast my last blog was at the start of the virus . Now we are about to start its second wave.

After evacuation Rose our lovely rescue horse found a loving forever home so we returned only with our chicken and ducks . Every morning i woke up to empty paddocks i really missed Rose but i wasn't missing the feed bill that came along with her. So i decided to fulfil a dream i had a long time ago of having an alpaca farm. We reached out to glen hope alpacas and got our self's 3 babies . Lou , Quince and Quorn. yes she is named after fake meat. i thought we would change there names but they seem to have stuck with them.

So far we are really enjoying having them It has taken us a little while but they are now hand feeding . next step is to catch them and teach them to halter walk. alpacas were also a perfect choice for us as we are having a little fox problem. I am pleased to say they have worked the fox is scared to come and snitch the ducks off the dam now because the alpacas attack him or her . we only lost one duck and one chook. The fox still tries sneaking up the fence line where the alpacas can’t go. So pepper has to be on alert at night. We check our pens everyday for any spots where the fox has worked on them. My brave eldest daughter holly actually caught the fox when he had got into one of our duck pens she threw herself between the ducks and the fox she was stuck with the duck all stuffed behind her and the fox now trapped in front of her at the sound of pepper the fox forced itself out of the pen. We fixed this hole and added wire Around our pens.

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