About little farm studio

Jewellery and Art created by Nicholla Thompson.


Hi I am Nicholla Thompson the person behind Little farm studio. 

I have been a metal smith and Rock hound for over 20 years.

I approach my jewellery designs form an artist perspective. 

Each piece is hand forged and truly bespoke. 

I pride myself on working in an ethical and environmental studio . All my metal is 100% recycled.

Most of the stones are from our travels and polished here at the farm. 


I hope when my customers purchase my jewellery they can feel that is was created with respect for the earth And that they have a piece of jewellery that is one of a kind. 


About the farm and family.


Little Farm Studio is a 5 acre property in the hinterlands of Port Macquarie. Our farm is filled with chicken ducks and Alpacas. 

My family's passion is to be as self sufficient and as environmentally friendly as we can be. This year we are trying not to buy plastics.

We have a large garden which is chemical free. We produce our famous pickles with its seasonal produce. 

My family also does a lot of traveling around Australia Fossicking. Some of the stone we used are found and cut polished right here on the farm.

Eco printing and the discovering of natural dyes from the bush has been our latest journey. Its been a fun and exciting learning a new craft of dyeing natural fibers with dyes we have discovered from our surrounds.