Excited Trying for Glass House Again

I am a member of Hasting valley Fine Art Society. One of the most amazing group Is have ever been involved with. If you are an artist in the mid north coast it is well worth becoming a member and getting to no and learn from these amazing talented artist.

Last year we all did paintings for Port Macquarie anniversary. We had to blend old and new. I had a lot of fun with that painting and got chosen to go in the exhibition.

This year we have new topic which I am very excited about . Food For Thought. Being the person I am I see a wonderful opportunity to spread the massage about our environment. That is all I am going to say for now but I will post updates of the painting as I go.

Last night I had a great night at the night time market and would like to thank my customers I truly appreciate meeting and talking art /Jewellery and gemstones with people.

It an honour when someone buys a piece of my Jewellery as each piece is a small art work to me it goes on a personal journey with me and I apreiciate when I see it go to someone who loves it as much as I did to create it.

So Thank you to everyone who buys my work.

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