Our Sweet Little Rescues.

We have had another busy month with a few little visitors . our first rescue was a cattle egret who was found in the bottom paddock . The only reason we noticed it was because a wedge tail eagle was walking around in the paddock something i had never seen before. What an amazing sight its legs were huge. I called everyone to come have a look . he flew away . Pepper decided to head down to the paddock i was trying to call her up but she refused to leave . so we all walked down to the bottom of the paddock and on the ground we found the egret, he seemed small . Holly my eldest and animal lover swooped in and picked him up. we took him up to the house and put him in a cage in a dark room with some water. i fully expected a dead bird in the morning but he was alive and actually standing. We had called Wires the day before and they were picking him up that morning. The good news is it has been about three weeks and he has been forced feed mouse and insects and now has been let go o

Our other rescue was the sweet little eastern grey joey. I drive the kids in to a school bus each morning. As we were going along the road we saw a horrific site of a mother kangaroo writhing in pain from being hit buy a car the little joey was out of her pouch trying to scrabble back in. Now i must admit part of me wanted to keep driving it was horrible site. Holly was of course my voice of reason but mum its a baby. Yes Holly turns car around to do the right thing. I stoped and took off my jumper Holly again took charge and went and took the baby off the mum . Funny when the joey was taken the mum suddenly stopped struggling . I told her i would take care of her baby . We rang Fawna who come to the aid of injured wild life on roads. The mother passed quickly and we rushed the joey home to wrap it up warm and put it with hot water bottle. A lady from Fawna came and collected her to be cared for till she can be rehabilitated back into the wild. I can here some people groaning there are so many kangaroos blah blah . well these amazing native animals have had a very hard time drought and then fires . I am proud of my family that we are people who would stop and lend assistance to animals in need. Holly is finishing hsc and we plan to join fawna to volunteer to help rescue and care for native animals . So we might have more wild life stories in the future.

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