Road trip for rocks

Had a great long weekend in emmaville . Took mum and three kids and my blue heeler pepper . Mainly I was trying to get some rocks for jewellery .

So fossicking was limited. Although we did have a day in Torrington . Found some beautiful smoky crystals. Then had some time in Tingha a new area was found after the fire which had some really nice clean crystals.

If if you have never fossicked at Tingha it is a town where they did a lot of tin mining and in the state forest is the old dump sites for the tin mines . Crystals were just dumped . If only the miners new the true value of these crystals.

The gem fest was held at emmaville carvan park really nice to have power on in van usually we are free camping. Pity the town pool wasn’t open the kids were keen to get in and cool down after digging in the dirt.

I meet some some really wonderful people and got some great new stones to work with this year. I already have mum cutting and polishing. Thank you to those who I bought from and swapped story’s with. See you all soon in the dirt.

planning more fossicking for the year as last year I didn’t do much . Mostly due to my auto immune but if I stop doing what I love I am letting it beat me.

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